I’m a big fan of sketch notes – partially written, partially drawn notes that capture an event or idea.

I like taking sketch notes for myself for fun (I keep a personal journal in the form of comics) and I would love to take them for you.

My sketch note services might be helpful to you if:

What you'll get

Me – either physically in the room with you or connected via a video call – live sketching your session on my tablet. (I can stream my screen in either case.) You’ll get a digital copy of all the drawings and notes I take. These will likely be low-fidelity by default, but I’m happy to clean them up and even apply brand guidelines to them afterwards.

If you have a project that you think would be a good fit, please email me!

One caveat here – if the project you have in mind is a complex back-end architecture diagram for a large web project – I will politely request the participation of your kindest, most patient back-end developer to assist.