I love drawing, and I would love to draw for you.

When my schedule allows it, I will gladly accept commissions or illustration projects.

Personal commissions

Typically, for personal portrait commissions I will draw a full color portrait of a few people and/or pets, sized to be printed in a 6”x6” square. My current rate is $200 + printing costs. (My preferred printer is CatPrint, and I usually recommend a print that will run you ~$10.) Here’s a basic rundown of my process:

Scroll down to see some examples of my portrait work, and send me an email requesting a commission to get started.

Commercial illustrations

If you’d like to work with me on a Corporate Business Type Project™️, please email me. I’m very open to illustration contracts and have done some in the past for things like games, blog posts, or internal corporate literature. I’d love to hear what you have in mind!

illustration of three friends sitting at a cozy table in an apartment portrait illustration of a couple and their dog portrait illustration of three candidates running for local office portrait illustration of two friends and their dog illustration of a dog inside a dumpling, held up with chopsticks illustration of three friends hanging out in a pool illustration of a man eating dinner while his cat perches on his shoulders portrait illustration of the artist