A podcast about robots, technology, and feminism, but mostly robots. When Alex suggested we start a podcast about robots, I was really excited to develop the visual branding and the website. We wanted Roboism to reflect our cheerful enthusiasm for robots.

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  • Timeline: 2014 - Present
  • Project: Podcast
  • Role(s): Co-host, brand design, web development
  • Collaborators: Alex Cox
Screenshot of
Roboism brand assets

I picked two bright neon colors and a series of dark grays for Roboism's palette for a tech-y look and feel. We also often use the blue to green gradient. I iterated on illustrated robot faces, and ended up making vector caricatures of Alex and I as our robot personas.

Sometimes when I'm trying to test type styles I play around in CodePen, which I did here:

See the Pen EVeyyo by Savannah Million (@savannahmillion) on CodePen. is a custom Jekyll site hosted on GitHub pages. Jekyll was a great choice for a project where I would be the only one who would need to edit the site's content. Whenever we publish a new episode, I add a new markdown file with shownotes and a link to the audio track and just push it up to GitHub.

Some code

We originally used SoundCloud for hosting, and their standard embeds are branded in a way I didn't like. Consequently, I spent a while making a custom javascript interface for a SoundCloud embed with a more minimal (and branded) look. (Thanks a lot to programmer David Laskey who helped with this!)

The site design has come a long way from my early ideas:

A very early iteration, before branding was finalized (2015)
A screenshot of the first live site, before the SimpleCast switch (early 2016)

Roboism lets me flex my graphic design skills. I have a lot of fun creating materials like buttons, phone wallpapers, stickers, and zines.

We started the podcast under the Chicago Podcast Cooperative, an ad network for local podcasts and businesses. In 2016 we joined Postloudness, a podcast collective for underserved voices that Alex co-founded.

Our networks have given us the opportunity to do occasional live shows. I prefer to be in front of a computer versus an audience, but live shows are still a lot of fun.

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Our live show at The Promontory in November 2016